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Project Description
nopMenu allows nopCommerce users to mange the main site's menu items. The tools also allows you to create "Topic" pages and manage them as part of the menu.  

 nop tab manager screen

menu items can be easily organized using drag and drop within the tree.  Once changes are complete, click "save changes" and all changes will be stored in the database.

 Live Site :

Demo Site :

Installation steps:

  • Install the Plugin
  • Configure Tabs.
    The tools will import any topics and allow you to manage the topic page display via the menu.
  • Update "Nop.Web\Views\Shared\root.cshtml" to point to the new menu control.


<div class="header-menu">
    @Html.Action("TopMenu", "Catalog")


<div class="header-menu">
    @Html.Action("TabMenu", "TabManager")

The plugin is configured to use KendoUI menu as well.  However it will require you to make changes to include the KendoUI styles and scripts in the main pages as follows

Open NOP.Web\Views\Shared\_Root.Head.cshtml" and add the following...

var kendoVersion = "2014.1.318";

//css resources
Html.AppendCssFileParts(string.Format("~/Content/kendo/{0}/kendo.rtl.min.css", kendoVersion));
Html.AppendCssFileParts(string.Format("~/Content/kendo/{0}/kendo.default.min.css", kendoVersion));
Html.AppendCssFileParts(string.Format("~/Content/kendo/{0}/kendo.common.min.css", kendoVersion));

//add a reference to js after "public.common.js"
Html.AppendScriptParts(string.Format("~/Scripts/kendo/{0}/kendo.web.min.js", kendoVersion));


Please Enjoy

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