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Tab Fields

Tab Item Description Optional?
Tab Name Unique tab name - no spaces allowed No
Login Required User must be logged in to view the page No
Parent Tab Parent tab in which the current item is a child Yes
Tab order Sort order of the tab Yes
Title Display text for the menu No
Controller Name of the controller the iem will use true - requires action
Action Action the time will go to true - requires controller
PermanentRedirect determines if the menu item is a redirect.
Also used to assist in associating menu items to Topics
Permanent Redirect Url URL in which the item will redirect.
If the item is associated to a topic, this field will contain the topic URL
Yes if redirect checkbox is checked
Start Date Start date in which item is visible No
End Date End date for item to be visible No
Secure Requires HTTPS No
Disable Link Displays the item with no link No
Active Enable/Disable the menu item No
Delete Marks the item as deleted. It will only be visible on management page No
Visible Shows/Hides the iten in the menu bar No
KeyWords Stored but currently Noy Used No
Description Description is for Admin purposes only No


Note: Topics are linked to tabs via the database. Any changes to topics items (delete/modify names) will be reflected on the menu pages

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